Economic Activities

Cattle Rearing

Cattle Rearing in Masindi is majorly practices in the Sub Counties of Kimengo and some parts of Bwijanga Sub County. This being a cattle corridor, farmers have been availed valley dams though still a few with the intention of ensuring cattle accesses water and for value addition milk processing plants have been put in place to encourage farmers produce in bulk and access the wider markets.

Maize Production

Maize is the biggest maize producing District that produces approximately 21,000 tonnes annually. Pakanyi Sub County produces the largest quantity of maize in the District and Government has gone ahead together with development partners availed value addition equipment materials all aimed at adding value to the maize and ensuring that farmers in Masindi produce not only for consumption but even for the East African market. Masindi is also glad to have big private farmers and companies that have also contributed to maize production in Masindi.


Masindi is entirely an Agricultural District that thrives greatly on food and livestock production. The livelihood solely rely on farming as the major economic activity. Food Crops produced in Masindi include, cassava, bananas, sweet potatoes, beans, maize among others and the major cash crops grown are coffee, cocao and key to note Sugar cane production has been taken on as a major economic activity where this has taken on most of the land area coverage in the District and has had an effect on food production.